• The song for autism 'Open Every Door' for UN World Autism Day

    The distinguished singer/songwriter Nimal Mendis who wrote the song for autism, 'Open Every Door' will be releasing a new cover version sung by the South Asian musician Gresha Schuilling to mark the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day, declared by the United Nations General Assembly in New York for Wednesday 2nd April 2008.

    Nimal Mendis was a close friend of the late Vernon Corea who promoted his music over the airwaves of Radio Ceylon in the 1950s. Nimal Mendis wrote the song for autism 'Open Every Door' for Vernon Corea's grandson,Charin.

    This is the first ever song for autism written by a South Asian singer/songwriter. The song is being released through Media Eye Music in London.

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  • Nimal Mendis on his 'Cold Cold Night' Christmas Hit for Gresha Schuilling

    Sri Lanka's distinguished singer/songwriter, Nimal Mendis who is based in the UK explains why he wrote his Christmas hit, 'Cold Cold Night,' now recorded by the Sri Lankan star Gresha Schuilling:


    Cold Cold Night

    ( what inspired me to write Cold Cold Night
    by Nimal Mendis )

    Christmas Eve, and it was about 8pm in Sri Lanka. My
    sister and I had to get a gift for a little nephew
    who we were visiting the next day. We had parked our
    car opposite the Bambalapitiya flats. I was in the
    car while my sister went into the one shop that was
    still opened where we could get the gift we wanted.
    The others were all little “Kade’s” .

    There was a young woman with a child silhouetted by
    the side of the doorway. She did not beg but just
    stood there. She was obviously poor, a “down and out”.
    I remember even the dress she wore, a raggedy sort of
    lightblue . Her face was beautiful, especially the
    eyes which seem to shine in the dark.The child seemed
    to be new born. As I watched her, many people went
    into the shop, many people passed her by. All ladened
    with gifts, the silver and gold glistened. None
    glanced at her, no one paused and gave her any alms.It
    was Christmas Eve.

    I thought my sister was taking her time. I had no
    money in my pockets. If I had I would have gone and
    given the woman everything I had. I was waiting till
    my sister came back. The image filled me with great
    sadness. It was as if the Lord was showing me
    something. Was it like this on the road to Bethlehem ?
    Just before my sister came out, I saw a young man
    looking equally poor, in a torn sarong. He even had a
    walking stick that was large, looking like a staff. He
    caught her arm, whispered something and they vanished
    soon down the Galle Road. My sister came soon after,
    laden with not just the one gift for our nephew but
    also with Chrismas “tinsel’ decorations, bells baubles

    I told her “What is this all about - Christmas. I
    explained to her what I saw. My sister was a very
    committed woman. She is the one who always fought for
    Social Justice. There were tears in her eyes. The
    tinsel & baubles, just like in the first verse of my
    song. “You have come my friend............. Santa will
    arrive but Jesus is all alone. Yes, He did have Mary
    and Joseph but they were totally human and yet were to
    fully understand who the child was. Here was the
    Christ Child and He was totally alone. The Heavenly
    Hosts were in another dimension. They were not there
    physically. When Peter cut off the ear of one of the
    people who came to arrest Jesus. He told Peter “ Don’t
    you know that I can call all the angels to protect me
    ? but, the Will of God has to be done. Instead,
    Jesus,through his Charisma, replaced the ear.
    We call it a miracle !!!! ?????

    It is exactly like this always when you ponder who
    Jesus is. He is always alone when you consider
    mankind in relationship to Him. We go about making His
    birth into a parody of what the true meaning of His
    birth is. We make it into a carnival of eating,
    drinking and merry making. We fail to realize the
    tremendous event that took place so many years ago.We
    tend to forget the many Mary’s the many Josephs, the
    many little defenceless new borns as such, embodied
    in the image I saw. It still goes on, becoming worse
    every year. One has to only visit Oxford Street in the
    West end of London from November onwards to see the
    build up of all the trimmings that go to make
    Christmas Eve, Chrismas Day and the turkey dinner
    laced with a Christmas brandy pudding. Jesus is all
    alone. Yes, we go to Mass, but Jesus is all alone

    The only vision for us that seems worthwhile are the
    many committed people here in London who dedicate
    their services to the poor in London. To the homeless
    in London. We have a very good friend a Jewish girl,
    who year after year gives her time and effort to help
    in the soup kitchens that are organised during the
    cold Christmas season. They are looked after, given
    warm blankets and beds. Sharyn comes to us for
    Christmas lunch, a modest one, but rushes off to her
    commitment and she is Jewish.

    I had to address that woman and man of my image. I had
    to address their poverty, their loneliness, and
    perhaps even loves that they may have lost. Their
    heaviness of heart. This, I try to do in the second
    verse by asking them to console themselves. It is the
    loneliness of Jesus we must try to seek and
    understand. As he says “ Seek ye the Kingdom of God
    first, and everything else will be added unto you”.

    To find out more about Nimal Mendis please access the website:

  • World Music Central on Sri Lankan Mega Star Gresha Schuilling

    Read the World Music Central feature on Sri Lankan mega star Gresha Schuilling who has just released her debut Christmas single, 'Cold Cold Night,' in London.

    World Music Central:

  • Gresha Schuilling's 'Cold Cold Night' UK Christmas Single

    Gresha Schuilling

    Sri Lanka's singing sensation, South Asian mega star, Gresha Schuilling has released her debut Christmas Single, 'Cold Cold Nights' in the United Kingdom.

    'Cold Cold Night' is written by the father and son duo, Sri Lanka born Nimal Mendis and his son Paul Marie Mendis who are based in the UK.

    BBC Music said that Gresha Schuilling is attempting to clinch the No 1 UK Christmas single spot in the Charts.

    Gresha Schuilling is Sri Lanka's 'Ambassador for Autism' she was appointed by the Autism Awareness Campaign UK and Sri Lanka. Gresha is determined to make a difference to the lives of all people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome by raising awareness of the condition in Sri Lanka. They say there are 39,000 children with autism on the island.

    To download Gresha Schuilling's Christmas hit, 'Cold Cold Night' please access the MediaEye Music website:


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